What conditions must be met to access the nature reserves of Saint Martin and Anguilla by boat?

Tropical boat SXM is a partner of the nature reserve of Saint Martin, Our boats are authorized there. The fee per person is paid by tropical boat, you will not have to pay anything extra.

During our briefing we will inform you of the rules to be respected in the nature reserve….


For the nature reserves of Anguilla.. an entry clearance must be made, this one is paying and gives access to the nature reserves. Passports are compulsory.

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What if the weather is bad on the day I booked my boat?

A weather report is made 48 hours before the exit..
When you have booked your boat for a day's sailing, you expect sunny weather and calm sea conditions. However, sometimes the weather in the West Indies is quickly changing, we go from rain to sun in a few minutes…

In the event of poor forecasts or in the event of a vigilance alert, you could be confronted with violent winds, or dangerous waves.
In such cases, it is important to follow the advice of professionals and to cancel your sea trip if the conditions are too bad to guarantee your safety.


If the weather point indicates that the conditions are not favorable for safe navigation, it is best to postpone your sea excursion to another date. We will discuss this with you to find a later date that suits everyone.

Although it may be disappointing, safety should always be the priority when it comes to sailing at sea. It is better to postpone the trip than to risk accidents at sea.

In summary, if the weather is bad on the day you have booked your boat, it is important to follow our advice from sea professionals and postpone your excursion if the conditions are dangerous. It is always better to put safety before pleasure.

Can I leave a cash deposit for my boat rental?

No, a credit card is required for departure.

Can I smoke on the boat I rented with Tropical boat?

No, smoking is not recommended because the upholstery is sensitive to cigarette holes.

I rented a boat for 9 people, can I come with 10?

No, legal capacity must be respected under penalty of a fine. A child counts as an adult on a boat.

We want to go on a sea trip with our children, do you have suitable life jackets?

Yes we provide children's vests for all ages including babies.

With an unlicensed can I go anywhere?

No, navigation with a boat without a license is restricted to a specific area

(see the map of the area in our license-free boat rentals)

Do I need a boat license to rent a boat from tropical boat?

For all boats whose engine power is greater than 6CV, the license is mandatory. The rental contract will be drawn up in the name of the person who holds the navigation licence.
In general, renting a boat implies that the renter must be able to provide proof of nautical competence.

We also accept foreign boat permits.

In the USA the boat license is not compulsory, unlike Saint Martin, if you have experience in navigation you can pass a US license online, which will be valid here. Contact us for more information.

Is my boat insured for rental?

All boats offered by tropical boat are insured for rental to a third party. However, you will be asked to pay a deposit (by bank imprint)

This deposit corresponds to the amount of the insurance deductible below which the insurer does not wish to reimburse the owner of the boat for any "small" damage.

It is possible for you to insure your deposit by subscribing to the excess buy-back. In the event of an event at sea, if your deposit is kept by the rental company, it will be refunded to you by the insurance. TROPICAL BOAT recommends the company Ouest Assurance for excess insurance.

What are the regulations to be made to confirm my reservation?

To validate your reservation, tropical boat requires a reservation deposit, the amount will be indicated in the RESERVATION section of each boat.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept payment by credit card (including AMEX), payment by bank transfer, Paypal and cash. Cheques are not accepted.

Are animals accepted on our boats?

Although we love animals, unfortunately we can no longer accept them on board! We had too much damage to our upholstery due to the claws of our little 4-legged friends... All our upholstery is now new..